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Crystal Lace® is your icing alternative and it is fast becoming the preferred choice. Colourfast (keeping its bright white colour), and fast drying - even in higher humidity, are two properties that make Crystal Lace popular.

If you want to change from whatever you are currently using, here is the perfect new partner for you. More and longer lasting flexibility allows even the novice greater leniency in their design. It can easily be used right after mixing. So you can go from mixing to applying in a smooth step.


Design Flexibility

Allow the artist in you to escape while you create master pieces in edible Crystal Lace. Create edible lace, cupcake toppings, mini mats, doilies, or float a pattern in a cup of coffee. No matter what you have in mind, finishing your edible decoration/s is made easy with Crystal Lace.

While the original Crystal Lace comes standard as white, it is equally as easy to add colour to this (optional choices), so you can add to or blend with your current creative design. (Soon to ship in 6 optional, pre-defined colours - watch this space!)

Crystal Lace application


150 gms package
The perfect, edible "designer pattern" finish ...

Crystal Lace 150 gms

CL 001 CRYSTAL LACE 150 gms

500 gms package
The perfect, edible "designer pattern" finish ...

Crystal Lace 500 gms

CL 002 CRYSTAL LACE 500 gms


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How to Mix Crystal Lace - Perfectly!

Add 50gms of boiling water for each 100gm powder.

* Tip: Even though 50gms of water = 50mls, weigh the water as you do the powder. Measuring utensils vary and are therefore unreliable
* Tip: 150gms of powder will make ±10 lace strips

Mix well on slow beat and then beat on high speed for 2 - 3 minutes with an electric beater to form a firm consistency with soft peaks. Mixture will be white, smooth and glossy.
Colouring: Liquid, gel or powder colourant may be used and added to the mixture after beating.

Making the lace: The mixture can be used immediately.  Place about 2 heaped teaspoons of the mixture onto the silicone mat. Use an applicable spatula to smooth the mixture into the design, moving the scraper in different directions, ensuring all crevices are filled.
Your final scrape should be from left to right with a touch of pressure, thereby removing all excess mixture from the surrounding areas.
Set: Leave to set for a short while - the mixture should be dry to the touch. Remove any thin ‘film’ of the mixture which may be left on the mat by gently rubbing away with damp cotton wool or a soft cloth. Leave to dry again.
Setting time is dependent upon the relative humidity and temperature. Can take from 1 hour to overnight.

To speed setting time ...

Use heat lamp overhead, place in food dehydrator, place in a warm oven - about 50 degrees for 5 min, place in the path of a fan or heater, or place in the sun.

Remove from Mould

Gently lift the edge of the lace by flexing the mould, then carefully peel the mould away from the lace. Only continue the process if the lace separates easily from the mould, is not 'tacky' and does not stretch out of shape.
Wash the mould in hot soapy water and store flat.

Applying the Lace: Place the lace on buttercream, chocolate ganache, or fondant covered cake. On a dry icing surface, such as fondant, apply a scant amount of moisture on your fingertip to the back of the lace before placing onto the cake.

Some Handy TIPS

* Tip:  If over dried, the lace will be brittle and crack when removing from the mould. Do not take it out of the mould. Rather add more mixture and smooth into the mould on top of the first layer. This moisturises the bottom layer. Remove from the mould when the top layer is dry. It is unnecessary to ever discard over dried broken lace.
* Tip: Store any left over mixture in an airtight container in a fridge. Use within 4-5 days.
* Tip: Make as much mixture as you need, as little as 50gms at a time. Store the balance of the powder in an airtight container. It has a shelf life of over a year.
* Tip: Store the ready made lace in a good quality plastic bag and place in an airtight container. It will remain flexible for days. Place each piece in separate plastic. If lace is placed on top of lace they will stick to each other.
* Tip: Lace can only be removed from a mould if the mould is cool. If the mould is warm from the sun or oven (to speed up the setting time of the mixture) then place the mould on marble or on a cool counter and allow to cool for a few minutes before removing the lace.
* Tip: If you are finding it difficult to remove the lace from the mould, apply 2 coats of the mixture ... Allow one coat to be finger touch dry ... 1/2 to 1 hour, and then apply a second coat. This will thicken the lace slightly and it will release easily.
* Tip: A release agent is unnecessary but can be used.
* Tip: Edible lustres, metallics and glitters can be brushed into the mould before applying the mixture. Alternatively they can be applied to the ready made lace for shimmering effects. Try out both methods to see which effect you prefer.

How to make perfect Crystal Lace - wherever you are!

In rain or shine, hot or cold, follow these simple instructions and make the perfect lace, every time...

In rainy weather, Crystal Lace will dry anyway and be flexible.

In very dry weather, add GLYCERINE to your mixture ±1 teaspoon for every 100gms of powder ... Your lace will dry, it will be flexible, non crack, and remain flexible for much longer!

Another great tip ... Add a few drops of Vanilla essence or any other water based flavourant for a great taste.


Crystal Lace Icing - For Beautiful Designs

For the home or professional chef, you can get stunning results with your wedding cake lace finishes. Using our moulds (and your creativity) you can generate a wide range of spectacular, edible finishes. It enables both professional sugar artists and home cake decorators to produce the most intricate decorations imaginable.

All this and a great taste too. Not too sweet, so you can "add flair" to your cakes with confidence that this will not taint the tastebuds.


Make an enquiry. We are here to assist you with advice and suggestions.


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