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Edible Fabric- Satin White

Edible Fabric- Satin White
2 Strips per pack
Size: 330 x 110mm

The versatility of Crystal Candy’s FabricArt is endless. It can be gathered, cut into shapes, frilled, used for making flowers, bows, napkins, used on figurines for beautiful accents and so much more – the possibilities are endless.

These new Crystal Candy’s FabricArt strips are flexible, durable and SO easy to handle.

From Appliqué to Voilà – softly draped sash, fabric effect cakes and even pleated cake designs.

▪  Clean lines and the revival of Art Deco design, yet a modern contemporary edge.
▪  A design that works surprising well for both vintage and contemporary style cakes.
▪  Your fabric will remain flexible for months on end!!

Our FabricArt is currently available in 4 colours: Satin White, Satin Silver, Satin Gold, Rose Gold.

All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only… Actual product colouring may vary slightly due to visual enhancement of computer screens and photo image.

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edible-fabricClick to view full tutorial on how to use Crystal Candy’s FabricArt




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