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Cake Decoration Services

At Crystal Candy we make world-class silicone mould products and Crystal Lace Flexible Icing for the cake and other decorating industries. Each item is carefully created with attention to detail and finish. We are always on the look out for more and different items to add to our already stunning collections, and will continue to pursue this avenue henceforth.


Primarily we cater for the cake decorating industry, and work for and with others who require our products as a professional service to sell on to the end user. We supply industry as well as direct to the public.

So if you are decorating cupcakes for kiddies parties, cake pops for occasions, birthday cakes or prestigious wedding cakes, then our moulds are for you.

From novice to professional, the hobbyist and anyone in between – there is bound to be something here for you.


From concept stage to the finished product, all Crystal Candy moulds are authentic and unique, created by ourselves. Drawing on inspiration from ideas around the world, research on trends and peeking at different industries, we then create collections that will make cake decorating fresh and easy.

Our laces offer different finishes, from the Ribbon Lace Collection to the Doily Art Collection, the Wedding Collection to the Themed Collections, there is a finish for your cake project here.

The Platinum Collection caters for different seasons – such as Easter, snowflakes, Halloween, Valentine’s Day (with hearts and roses), love birds, to Christmas, as well as butterflies and edging. And these will be added to over time too.

The Gold Collection has more intricate design elements and are more suitable to wedding cakes and projects that require this type of finishing.

We are proud of what we do and take great pleasure in supplying these items to all who wish to make use of them


We ship to any country worldwide. Buy our products Online now, and we will get your selection/s to you within 7 working days.


In the works is a monthly Crystal News newsletter which will bring you the latest news at Crystal Candy, the upcoming collections, TIPs and Tricks, and more. This is a FREE subscription to our customers. Be the first to know when new ranges will be released, special “customers only” offers and see what other customers are creating.


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Versatility of Edibla Lace on Glass


Make your own 2D Silicone Mould


Make Isomalt Shapes for Cupcake Decorating with silicone moulds

Cupcake Toppers in Fondant with Beautiful Silicone Moulds

Read some of the most asked questions. Yes, get informed and perhaps learn something you didn’t already know.

If you have a question that has not been covered in these below, then please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will gladly answer it.

1. How long will the silicone moulds last?

The short answer – forever. Silicone is pretty much a durable material that lasts and won’t “fade away” or perish in any form.

3. Are your moulds made of food grade silicone?

Yes they are. Silicone is used because of its low toxicity, low conductivity (the property of a material to conduct heat), the ability to repel water and form watertight seals, does not support microbiological (in layman terms, fungus and bacteria) growth. In short, it is an ideal material for kitchen and cookware due to its properties.

2. Is it safe to use these moulds with a heater / artificial heating?

Absolutely yes. Silicone has a thermal stability (constancy of properties over a wide temperature range of −100 to 250°C)

4. How do I store my moulds?

Good practice is to store them cleaned and on a flat surface. After use, always clean – wash with dish washing liquid – then rinse.

5. How do I reduce the static on the silicone?

Wash in warm soapy water, air dry and store in plastic to prevent dust collecting on it.

7. How do I use Crystal Lace for best results?

There are a few key things to know to make the mixing and application of Crystal Lace a breeze. For full instructions see “How to Mix Crystal Lace – Perfectly” here.

8. How long will the ready made crystal lace strips last once completed?

If stored in a suitable plastic cover, it will retain its flexibility for months (up to one year).

9. How do I get best results – no craters/holes in the lace finish?

Spend a good amount of time making sure your mould is filled and the top layer of the mat is clean. Move your spatula in all directions.

11. How do I make lace of a different colour to the supplied white?

There are 3 ways in which you can colour your lace:

  1. Add gel or powder colours to your mixture and spread the mixture into the mould.
  2. Dust your mould using our diamond lustre or any lustre then spread your white crystal lace mixture.
  3. Make white lace and then airbrush or paint with edible colours. The choice is yours. The former option is for a consistent flat colour throughout, such as canary yellow, a baby blue, or a pink, for example.

12. How do I get the perfect mix?

Add 115 GRAMS boiling water (must be weighed not measured in ML) for each 20 gram powder mix and add 5 grams (1 tsp) of glycerine. Mix well on high speed for 5 minutes. Can be used immediately. For full instructions  Click here

Hear what some of our clients are saying:

I really would like to thank you for your patience and support regarding the Crystal Lace. I followed your tips and “ta da!!!” it worked. The glycerine really helps to get the lace out of the mould, it’s been so dry here in Potch that the drying time is about 3,5 hours midday and 8 hours over night. I’ve managed to complete three strips of lace without a hiccup… and I just wanted you to know… your product is really amazing and that it was experience that lacked.

“Thank you again for being so “available” to us.


I am absolutely bewitched with your products! They are so beautiful and so scarce here in the UK!

“I am definitively interested in purchasing from you, I want to order the first of February 12 of your Cupcake mats and 1 of your brooches, this is not going to be the last time I purchase from you believe me.


I absolutely love your products, if you have a email list where you send out updates please add me to it! I’m sure I will be placing an order again for mats as my cake decorating business begins to grow and I want to stay up to date with your products. The use of your type of products has not yet caught on around me in the US and everyone is amazed when they see my work.

“Thank you for making such a quality product!

Mary T

It was me!!!!!! I was so stupid! It did not dawn on me until I got home at 10:00 last night what I did! I looked at the package again and saw that I should have tripled the water. I thought the package was a 50g package not a 150g! So, I boiled more water and had to guess how much product was left (I wasted so much on trying to mold and then putting it in another container for storage) re-beat it and molded it last night. This morning, I had a beautiful lace mold! I still have to work on the bubbles but since I messed it up, I own it! Love the way it looks. If I didn’t mess it up too much, I am hoping that they will be good until Friday sealed up.

“Thank you again for your help. I don’t know when I will ever learn not to work on new things when I’m tired! Of course, when you do cake, isn’t that the norm? I will let you know how everything turns out. The wedding is Saturday evening.

It’s been a pleasure working with you!



I was at the SAGDC EXHIBITION earlier this year and I bought some Crystal Lace (flexible icing) powder and a couple of moulds at your stand, although I was a bit skeptical because I had previously used SugarVeil and found it rather frustrating.

“However to my amazement, your Crystal Lace worked superbly and the moulds created stunning pieces! Now I’m kicking myself for not buying more at the time! I live in Nigeria but I do have a cousin in Joburg who can help me buy the products and bring them when he’s coming over.

“So I’d like to know the prices of the following items and what is the shelf life of the powder? [6 products listed] Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

“I am definitively interested in purchasing more from you, I want to order the first of February – 12 of your Cupcake mats and 1 of your brooches, this is not going to be the last time I purchase from you believe me.



… just want to thank you for your prompt AND efficient service on the edible diamonds. It is not often that you get service let alone efficiency!! I phoned (supplier) and they had in stock so I will get from them.

“Please in the meantime can you mail me your full product list with prices?


BUY these Silicone Mould Collections Online

All our ranges are available Online right now. Order your silicone moulds right now and start creating wonderful decorative cake lace finishes, cupcake topping and other attractive edging and finishes to your cakes.




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