How to Love & Care for your Edible Diamonds

Diamonds are affected by humidity, so please read the following instructions carefully:
  • Edible diamonds are ready to use.
  • This is a sugar product and as such can be affected by humidity or moisture from your hands, which can cause them to cloud over.
  • Further, diamonds are made from a low GI sugar and as such are suitable for diabetics.
  • Diamonds must be stored in the glass vial container so as not to spoil the clarity.
  • Try not to touch them directly with your hands: it is advisable to use tweezers when placing the diamonds onto cakes, biscuits and other foods.
  • Place these onto the food at the last minute to avoid exposure to the atmosphere.
  • When attaching them to an iced cake use a pin head of melted chocolate or CMC gel (mix CMC with water to form a glue).
  • These diamonds are not recommended for use on butter icing or cream due to their high moisture level.
  • If the diamonds become cloudy, brushing them lightly with vegetable oil can restore the clarity.