Bas relief is a technique commonly defined as: a type of art in which shapes are cut from the surrounding stone so that they stand out slightly against a flat surface, or a work of art – for cake decorating that has now been brought to the fore by the innovation of Crystal Candy.

While we have borrowed the term β€œBas relief” from the art of sculpture, Crystal Candy’s own unique creations of artistic wonder for use as Bas relief in cake decorating creates a wonderful illusion of the design having been ”carved” from the cake surface – use Crystal Candy moulds with fondant to build your Bas-Relief cake simply – with this technique you will make the intricate, elegant depth and ornate end results that only Crystal Candy designs can bring to you.

Then, add a touch of flair using dry or wet-painting techniques to amaze your clients – our Crystal Candy moulds will always create designs with multiple dimensions of fascinating depth – truly the simplest method for the most spectacular results !

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