Crystal Candy is hosting South Africa’s third year of online cake designing competition to celebrate the skills and techniques of the wonderful cake designers we have in this country and elsewhere.
South Africa is rich in talent when it comes to cake designing however there are not many opportunities to showcase cake designers, for this reason, Crystal Candy has created this very spectacular annual event that will showcase the talents and create an opportunity for creativity and growth as well as something to aim for and work for as a cake designer.
We want the Crystal Candy Cake Champions to be true competition for cake designers that is based on talent and skill.
We hope to have you on board with us as we venture on this very exciting new project.
This competition is open to cake designers all over the world.

6 November 2023 – Bust Cakes
7 November 2023 – Your Country on a Cake
8 November 2023 – Sugar Flower Art
9 November 2023 – Figurines
10 November 2023 – Fairy-Tale Wedding Cakes
11 November – One Tier Wonder

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