Who is Tarryn Meiring?

“Allround fun-loving artist that creates beautiful new fun toys for you, so you can express your creative self.”

I have always been the creative arty type and love sharing my passion and skills. I now have this fantastic opportunity to help you save hours, if not days, on your fabulous creations by doing most of the time-consuming work for you.

I have a background in fine arts, baking, and cake decorating (I was most fortunate to have won the 2019 SACDG (South African Cake Decorating Guiled) First gold in the masters’ category). I also learned about fashion design and seamstressing from my mom and her business partners, I did a course with City Guild of London in Interior design, and I love pretty and shiny things.
I was never sure what I was going to do with my life, but what I did know was that I want to help others by using the talents I was given and the skills I’ve acquired over the years.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with Ray and her incredible team at Crystal Candy. With our creative powers combined, we will open the door to an imaginative world with world-class products where you can find your original voice and express yourself.

With “The Tarryn Meiring Collection,” I plan to create easy to use molds and other products that can be used individually and combined. I have made it my mission to continuously develop new designs and create tutorials to show and inspire new ideas. With that said, please send us some photos of your cakes and other creations, we would love to see them, and if you have any request or ideas, we would love to hear them too, after all, we are doing this for you.