Catherine – TM Silicone Mould


Size: Approx. 85 x 155 mm

These unique moulds have been designed and created by our Crystal Candy team in order to enhance & expand upon our Bas-Relief Mould Range.

We will be coming out with a full range of embellishments which can be used, not only for cakes, but for chocolates, gifts, biscuits, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Relatively small & cost effective, stylish & unique, these moulds are proving to be amazing products for all fields of creativity.

Can be used for fondant, chocolate, biscuits & cookie making, plaster of paris, clay, cold porcelain to name but a few.

Made from the finest food grade silicone – flexible, durable, washable & heat + cold resistant.


With β€œThe Tarryn Meiring Collection,” I plan to create easy to use molds and other products that can be used individually and combined. I have made it my mission to continuously develop new designs and create tutorials to show and inspire new ideas. With that said, please send us some photos of your cakes and other creations, we would love to see them, and if you have any request or ideas, we would love to hear them too, after all, we are doing this for you.


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