Confectioners Glaze & Cleaner Set


200ml Bottle of each Glaze & Cleaner.

Confectioners Glaze
The main uses of glaze in confectionery are to do with coating chocolate goods, such as candy-covered nuts and raisins, and similar products. But what many people may not realize is that itโ€™s also used as a coating on some nutritional supplements, medicines, fruit, and even coffee beans.

Confectionerโ€™s glaze is usually used to preserve confectionery items for display purposes. Simply brush on the glaze to make your sugar art shine. You can even restore bloomed candy with this glaze. Because ordinary cleaning products will not work to clean your brushes and tools, it is recommended that you use Confectionerโ€™s Cleaner to clean up.

The glaze works well as a paint medium.ย Simply mix the glaze with your powder colors or lustres and mix, this creates a perfect paint mixture that can be used on any confectionery item such as; Fondant, chocolate etc.

Confectionersย Cleaner
This can be used to thin Confectionerโ€™s Glaze or for clean up of brushes and tools. Household cleaners will not clean Confectionerโ€™s Glaze, due to its hardening capabilities

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