Dimensional Shift – Mesh Stencil

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Crystal Candy defines simplicity & intricacy. Yet again!

Mesh stencil size approx. : 130 x 330 mm   |      Perfect for cake decorating & confectionery, scrapbooking & crafting

Mesh Stencils deliver amazing detailed images that regular acrylic stencils cannot. Mesh stencils are created to be used again and again.

The Mesh Stencils are made of a Mesh cloth, that is food safe, flexible, lightweight and durable.

You can stencil on fondant buttercream, chocolate ganache, icing sheets or wafer paper.

Stencil with royal icing or piping gel, the best combination is 2/3 royal icing and 1/3 pipping gel. Add a water-based colour powder or gel. 

If stencilling in gold, silver or rose gold, use the Crystal Candy Metallic Pipping gels.

Care: Wash your stencil in warm soapy suds using a soft sponge, Rinse in clean water and hang up to air dry. you may also use a hairdryer pr a dehydrator.


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We are incredibly excited to finally offer Mesh Stencils.
Simplicity & intricacy defined by Crystal Candy. Yet again!
Mesh stencils are made of mesh cloth – a food safe, flexible, light weight and durable product that can use over and over again.  Mesh Stencils can be used on fondant to create stunning detailed effects.


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