Love Story – Mesh Stencil Kit

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This is Crystal Candy’s “Love Story” kit.

As the name indicates it is indeed a love story…

Let me set the scene: The story starts on the bottom tier. Two people meet for the first time, perhaps a first date and it’s a wonderful experience – flowers are blooming and you can feel those butterflies in your tummy. The story then moves on to where the couple have fallen in love and then on the third tier they get engaged. The top tier shows the bride in a beautiful dress and the groom in a handsome suit on their wedding day. A true love story indeed…

This is the first Mesh Stencil kit that Crystal Candy is releasing and the are very excited to share it with you.

Top Tier: 150 x 130 mm
Second Tier: 200 x 130 mm
Third Tier: 250 x 130 mm
Bottom Tier: 330 x 130 mm

Mesh stencils are made of mesh cloth – a food safe, flexible, light weight and durable product that can use over and over again. Mesh Stencils can be used on fondant to create stunning detailed effects.

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1 review for Love Story – Mesh Stencil Kit

  1. Lisa

    Absolutely awesome Crystal Candy team, the stencils are stunning on this cake.

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