Purple Hair – Piping & Stenciling Gel

R50.00 R45.00

3 Basic Uses: 

  1. Fill your piping bag with a coloured piping gel, and either using a nozzle or cut of the tip of the bag and pipe names, messages and graphics directly onto your cake or cakeboard. These gels can be stored for months + then reused at your convenience. We have a full range of colours from pastels to intense, including gold, silver and the very popular rose gold.
  2. Use our gels with our mesh stencils to stencil beautiful designs on edible paper, wafer paper or directly onto your cakes. Wash your stencils easily with warm soapy water and airdry.
  3. To make a sequenced cake. Paint your cake when it’s already covered in fondant or buttercream with a coloured or metallic piping gel. Scatter edible flakes on your cake in the same colour as your piping gel. All the flakes will stick to your cake as the piping gel serves as your glue!


Our range of coloured piping gels supplied in convenient screw cap jars are a cake decorators dream come true.


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