Red – Edible Alcohol Inks

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Introducing our brand new product, Edible Alcohol Inks!

There are an unlimited number of ways that you can use alcohol inks. You can paint with them and even use them in your airbrush.

We have a range of 18 colours as well as a cleaning solution for your brushes, tabletop and airbrush equipment!

The Colours are available in a 50ml bottle.

You will start by rolling out your fondant on a flat board. Then you can use a straw, or airbrush (empty), a hairdryer, a heat gun and even a sponge to manipulate your colours with free-flowing forms to create unique abstract designs. The Blending Solution will help with the movement of the colours, and you will use that constantly throughout the process. Remember to mix your colours with The Blending Solution for watercolour effects. Lastly, you can add a touch of metallic powder to create cracks and bling. You will end up with a work of art – always!

As these colours are so quick drying they will not make your fondant soggy or tacky.

Cut with a cookie cutter and place a work of art on your cookies or wrap the fondant around your cakes for extraordinary effects. Use on chocolate, ganache, or royal icing.


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